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We are small  batch Craft Roasters

We roast in the traditional method using our drum roaster alongside modern technology to ensure we produce optimum flavours every roast by monitoring the roast curve, development time and total roast time. Craft coffee roasting is an art involving all the senses, smell, touch, sight and taste.  Our skilled roasters know instinctively when the sugars are caramelised and the precise time to drop the beans.

We only roast quality, speciality single origin coffee

At our dedicated Roastery we explore each coffee’s unique heritage and taste to ensure we showcase the intrinsic quality of the bean.  We are driven to ensure the personalities of our spectacular Single Origin coffees shine through. We are passionate about speciality coffee and dedicate a huge amount of time in sourcing our coffee, the beans are then roasted in a unique way to preserve the fundamental quality and flavour.

Roasting in small batches allows us to evaluate the roast profiles to identify optimum taste and flavour.  We then check these results on our cupping table. Testing and experimenting doesn’t stop there we continue cupping until the outstanding flavours and tastes are brought to the fore.  Only when our coffee reaches this quality are we happy to sell it in our café and in our web store.

Fresh Fresh Fresh

Coffee is a seasonal product and we follow harvesting seasons to ensure our coffee is always optimum.  Firstly the green coffee that we source has recently been harvested, and we then roast in small batches keeping the coffee as fresh as possible. When you buy our beans we want to ensure the flavour notes are at their peak to stimulate your senses when you enjoy your brew.

Green Coffee Sourcing

All our coffee is ethically sourced through a supply chain that ensures mutual profit and has a positive social impact.


What makes a supply chain “ethical”


An ethical supply chain is where everyone in a supply chain behaves in a manner inkeeping with the principles of trust, transparency and integrity.  It is based upon the idea of co-operation rather than competition; nurturing rather than predatory.


We only use speciality coffee


We are disgustingly proud to be a small batch coffee roaster, and only buy exclusive micro lots, competition coffees and Cup of Excellence.  This allows us to offer unique flavour profiles.

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