Producer - Elmer Tineo Mendoza
Region - El Diamante, Jaen
Altitude - 1600 -1900 MASL
Variety - Catuai/Castillo
Process - Natural
Country - Peru
Elmer Tineo Medoza belongs to the first generation of farmers and owns about 10 hectares of farms in the El Diamante area of the Cajamarca region of Peru. Although Elmer owns the the farm he divided it amongst his three children. His eldest son Elvis is in charge of processing and drying the cherries whilst Elmer is in control of growing and picking the fruit. In 2020 Elmer and Elvis began to process natural coffee and now have indoor parabolic drying facilities on the farm where the cherries acquire the required moisture more slowly thus achieving a fuller taste profile and high quality. This is an outstanding Peruvian with tasting notes of berry fruits, dark chocolate and sweet candy.

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