Colombia 2/3 Neuvo Futuro      1/3 Fazenda Freitas


Producer – Smallholder farms

Region –    70% Nuevo Futuro /30% Fazenda Freitas

Altitude –  1800/1100m

Varietal –   Cattura/Mundo Novo

Process –  Washed/Natural

Country –  Colombia/Brazil



Tenement Blend 250G – 1KG




 (especially in Scotland or the US) a room or a set of rooms forming

  a separate residence within a house or block of flats.

Our house blend Tenement is a full bodied and velvety smooth balanced espresso which will banish the morning blues.

It consists of two superior high altitude beans which are roasted to their own unique profiles.

Tenement Espresso

  • 1.0 kg

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